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Summers Over?


How is it that the summer holidays that seemed to stretch for an eternity at the end of the last school year – are over already?!

For the Floating on Air Girls, the summer has been a mix of family fun, changing addresses, soggy weekends (see our previous blog!), a Bank Holiday trip down memory lane, celebrations of a First Class Degree achievement ….


Southlake, Woodley – this used to be within minutes of our home

The New Bulmershe Leisure Centre is taking shape….

The New Bulmershe Leisure Centre is taking shape….Having spent a long and very happy career at the old leisure centre, we were so sad to see it demolished but have been watching the building of the new centre with interest and were amazed by the progress made in recent months.

A little blustery in the morning but a fabulous source of inspiration..
The ‘compulsory’ 2p push machines!!

The beach was a little blustery in the morning and the tide was fully out but it was a LOT warmer in the afternoon, the tide came in allowing paddling (and swimming!) and the day was a fabulous source of design inspiration. The ‘compulsory’ 2p push machines, with a surprisingly good return!!

Such a fabulous day of celebration, so proud!

New Year, New Challenges, New Designs

The start of a new academic year brings challenges for all – teachers need to learn new names (a skill I wish I was better at!) and find the best way to ensure their pupils progress well. Students need to learn new timetables, new teachers, new lessons, some will be starting their SATS, GCSE or A levels. Older students could be starting university or, having just graduated be heading out into the world for their first jobs….

For us it’s new designs and that means thinking ahead to the Blue Cross Week (7th-13th October) and (shhhhhhh!!) Christmas!!

Floating on Air

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