Meet the 3 generations of FoA Girls

Floating on Air Designs is a small family team made up of three generations of FoA Girl, and we have ambitions of ‘flying high’.

Bored with mass produced cards from the High Street that never seemed to have quite the right words or image (or both!), we started creating our own personalised cards to send to friends and family. The recipients loved them and soon started to ask us to create for them too. They enjoyed being able to choose their own messages, colours and add special little touches.

We’ve created birthday and Christmas cards for hard to find relations (such as Great Grandparents or Godparents). Combined relationships with ages (for example Daughters 21st). Added names or nicknames when requested. 

Other requests have included Naming Day and Christening Invitations, Graduation Congratulations Cards, personalised wall art, Birth and Wedding Celebration Frames, New Home Announcements and Surprise Party Invitations.

While we cannot (and don’t want to!) compete with the High Street stores on price or instant purchase, we can offer a far more personal service to allow you to more involved in the personalisation of your chosen items.

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We look forward to working with you.

Hi, I’m FoA Girl Kate – mum, wife, swimming teacher and passionate papercrafter, the creative heart of Floating on Air Designs.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been involved in some craft or another – embroidery, flower arranging, knitting, cross stitch, more recently crystal art and always papercraft – rubber stamping, dry embossing, paper folding, decoupage, die cutting, colouring using digital stamps… and I L❤VE a bit of sparkle!

A chance conversation with a customer at work approx 12years ago led to the opportunity of exhibiting at a wedding fair – something I hadn’t considered previously but accepted. With just a few weeks to create a collection it was a challenge but I loved it and was astonished by the positive feedback and even more by making a sale!

Over the next few years, assisted by the other FoA Girls and encouraged by family and friends, a side hustle was born and began to develop. Then, due to unexpected family health issues, it became impossible to continue as anything more than a hobby. Stock and equipment was sold. The dream was over.

But, in September 2018, I was finding my employment was increasingly eating into my family time. I was becoming disillusioned so when an opportunity closer to home was presented, I snapped it up and signed up to an online start-up course and encouraged by the group, my family and a very special friend overseas, the idea was given a new lease of life, rebranded as Floating on Air Designs and relaunched.

I love working at the creation station, no two days are ever the same. Some of my favourite things to do are experimenting with new techniques and working on the more challenging bespoke designs – spending time with the client to discuss their needs, researching the individual elements, putting each piece of the puzzle together and creating something just for them… something that will really stand out from the crowd.

I have hopes of flying high, just like the hot air balloon in our logo xx

Hi, I’m FoA Girl Jasmin and part of the third generation of the FoA Girls!

I started out as a Mum’s Crafty Helper when I was much younger and gradually got more and more involved. I wanted to know more and do more and couldn’t wait until I was old enough to attend the fairs Mum did no matter how many times I was told it could be boring at times! I was determined to enjoy it, and I did – I was hooked!!

As I got older, more knowledgeable and confident I was offered the role of ‘Grandma’s Reserve’ meaning if she was unable to go to the events I could go instead – I accepted without hesitation!

Sadly, a family medical crisis meant the team took the heart-breaking decision to shut up shop and remained shut for over 5 years in which time I completed my ASA Level 2 Teaching Aquatics qualification, my A levels and graduated with a First Class Teaching Degree!

When the decision to relaunch with a new name, logo and slogan was made I wanted in from the start – and here we are!

I love being part of Floating on Air designs and can’t wait to see how much it can ‘fly’ in years to come!

* When not in the ‘office’ I will most likely be found in the classroom where I am a full time primary teacher. * I am back to back 2 times National University Cheerleading Champion! * I like my sleep – I mean who doesn’t?! * I have been known to use my ‘teacher voice’ during FoA meetings to bring us back to the point in question – it’s so easy to go of on a tangent!

Hi, my name is Liz – the oldest of the quartet of ladies who craft for Floating on Air Designs.

I started by helping my daughter, Kate, on a rush order and have progressed to see one or two of my design ideas go into production. I also help out at the fairs we attend and have even taken some orders! I’m not sure who was more surprised – me or ‘the boss’!!

I really love talking to our clients and getting everything ‘just right’

Hi my name’s Alysha, I’m the youngest member of the FoA Girls and I help out whenever I can!

Due to my age I’m not always able to come to fairs or help out with some of the finer details of the business but I’m learning a lot just watching and listening! I hope that as I get older I’ll be able to help out more and get more involved with the business