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Balloon Fiesta 

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 

The FoA Girls at Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2018                                         

BIBF 2018This time last year, surrounded by the hot air balloons of the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta that inspired our logo,  we – myself and my 2 daughters – ‘launched’ our Instagram page

The FoA Girls at Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2019
BIBF 2019

So, here we are at Ashton Court Estate in Bristol last night, awaiting the ‘Naked Glow’

Fingers Crossed 

We’ve also got our fingers crossed the weather will improve and allow us to see lots of balloons inflated and taking off during the 41st Bristol International Balloon Fiesta weekend.

The ‘Naked Glow’ with balloon burners dancing to the music!

It therefore seems the ideal time to ‘launch’ our blog!

Floating on Air Designs is a small family venture with ambitions of ‘flying high’

Bored with the mass produced cards from the High Street, we started creating our own personalised cards to send to friends and family. The recipients loved them and soon started to ask us to create for them too.

Our aim is simple

to produce high quality, hand crafted cards with the option to personalise.

That’s the easy bit tho!
The ever present sketch pad – not giving too much away with this picture tho!!

Inspiration for designs can strike at any time – I now have a sketch pad in my handbag, my kit bag (I am also a busy Swimming Teacher) and next to the bed for ideas in the middle of the night! It was with us as we sat at the edge of the fiesta arena last night and tonight as we enjoy a slightly drier and warmer pizza and film night!!

During the last year we’ve met some fantastic people, had a lot of fun creating new and bespoke designs, received loads of support and encouragement.

We’re learning

about building our brand, our internet following and our website – which is our biggest current project!!

We have lots of other ideas in mind for the coming months and years and hope you will join us for ‘the ride’!

FoA Designs

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